Christmas in Villiano

It was a rainy day in the town of Villiano, and it was getting close to Christmas. Fred loved Christmas. He listened to Christmas music as he would hang up ornaments around the house. He set up the tree and hung decorations all over it, then put stockings up, and went outside to put lots of lights around his house. He got more every year, going to sales after Christmas, because they were cheaper then. After he hung the lights up, he went back inside and got some hot cocoa. He was all alone in his 2 story house, but he didn’t feel the need to have others live with him. Even if he did get a little lonely sometimes, he could always invite some of his friends or family. He heard a noise, and looked out his window. He didn’t see much, just some cars driving. Then he noticed it was raining a lot more than he had expected. He also noticed a girl outside of the window, walking down the sidewalk. He gazed at her, she was amazingly happy, kind of dancing as she walked. Fred didn’t enjoy the rain very much. He looked at her once again. She reminded Fred of his older girlfriend. She loved rain. Fred missed her old girlfriend. Her name was Melissa, and Fred thought she was the most beautiful he had ever seen. Fred frowned; he could feel his eyes filling with tears. He thought more about the other memories they had together. A tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away, as he didn’t want to start crying suddenly. He turned away from the window and tried to erase the thoughts from his mind. He got up from where he was sitting, and went outside to go have supper. He thought he deserved something fancy tonight, because he was in such joy of Christmas. As he put the car in the ignition, he sighed. He hated the rain. It was so wet and especially cold in the winter. He forgot about the rain and decided he would go to Honeycombs Palace to eat. It was a cheap restaurant with good food, and usually wasn’t too busy. He was driving down one of the streets when he saw something moving in an alley. Fred loved mysteries, and he thought dinner could wait a little longer since he doesn’t find things like this very often. So, he parked in front of an old store called Looney Galoon, got out of his car, and walked across the street carefully to go check out the alley. He didn’t have a flashlight, but didn’t need one at the time. It was dark, but there was a small light in the alley so he could see. He looked down to the end, and for a second thought he saw a body, but he didn’t let himself believe it. So he kept walking down the alley. He heard noises, almost like voices. More like laughing. It was still raining and Fred thought maybe that would be it instead of people. So he kept walking until he finally had to stop. He knew for sure someone had to be in there. He heard sounds of running, even as he stood there. He looked around him, but it was pitch black where he was at. All he could see was the small light from the beginning of the alley. He was frightened. He started walking back to the beginning of the alley. He heard the noises getting closer, and he walked a little faster. Suddenly something went over his mouth. His eyes were bulging out of his head and it had gotten harder to breathe. He felt himself slowly falling asleep.It was bright when he awakened, the sun must have came up early. He was lying in the alley, with bruises and cuts all over his body. He felt weak as he tried to lift his injured body up from the ground. He eventually pulled himself up, and walked to his car. The streets very busy, which was a good thing because he needed his time to walk across the street. He drove home and went inside. He knew for sure his hobby for solving mysteries were over. He made himself a cup of coffee and sat down on the couch. He observed his wounds. There were bruises on his legs, and cuts too. Not so many on his arms, but they burned with pain. The blood from the cuts had dried, and they looked like a cut from any ordinary knife. He took a sip of coffee and lay down. He thought of what would have happened if he didn’t go in the alley. He could have eaten supper and gone back home to sleep. He felt he made a stupid decision, and once again he felt tears filling his eyes again. He was more alone than he had thought. He didn’t even have a pet. Once again he started to think of Melissa. He missed her so much. She was everything to Fred. And it was all his fault. He started to feel anger now. He looked around, still on the couch, and saw a mirror. He walked into his bathroom, and looked at himself. He had disgusted himself, and he looked at his face with rage. He slowly raised his hand, turned it into a fist, and punched at the mirror with all of the power he had left inside him. Suddenly there was a crash, and pieces of the mirror went everywhere. He looked at his fist. It was tragically bleeding, and there were only a couple small pieces of the mirror stuck in his skin. He started crying out of nowhere. He didn’t know what else to do but just stand there, thinking about how much pain there was. Then he thought of his phone in his jacket pocket. He took it out with the hand that was uninjured and dialed 911. He didn’t want to die yet. “Hello, emergency, may I help you?” said the woman on the other phone. “Um, yeah. I’m injured badly, and I probably need an ambulance.” The woman on the other end was silent for a moment, almost shocked. Finally she broke out “We’ll get over there right away.” Fred was silent. He closed his eyes, and smiled. He knew the pain would end soon.

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